Here is a favorite music playlist I have put together for a 1 hour yoga practice (with a little bit for before and after).  With mellow origins to uplifting beats and a super gentle finish this collection of amazing artists creates a lovely atmosphere for whatever you’re exploring on or off the mat. Enjoy!

“Lotus” by Elijah Nang x misc. inc

“Alap” by Four Tet

“Tides of Clarity” by Mokhov

“Awake in Forests” by DJ Taz Rashid

“Smooth Sailing” by Pete Rock

“What You Think About” by St Germain

“Tessellate” by Alt-J

“At Most” by Birocratic

“Chilean Sunset” by LRKR

“Fixing a Hole [extended dub M” by Easy Star All-Stars/ Max Romeo

“Seven Seas feat. Madelyn Grant” by Emancipator

“In Space” by Royksopp

“Slow Down” by Scott Orr

“A Gentle Dissolve” by Thievery Corporation

“LA6” by Moby

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