Anyone who comes to my yoga classes knows I love to set the tone and pace through a good music playlist. This is the first of many mixes I’ll be sharing from my collection. Following an arch from smooth to uplifting and back down to a gentle dissolve. This mix is perfect for an hour yoga class with a little extra for before and after. I hope you enjoy!

“Someday I’ll find you” by Breezewax 4:00

“One More” by Cymande 3:08

“Feeling Your Know” by DJ Taz Rashid 5:01

“Ketto” by Bonobo 5:07

“Honey” by Emancipator 3:59

“Let’s Explore” by Breezewax 3:19

“Poor Leno” by Royksopp 3:58

“Moonsmith” by Cantoma 5:55

“Numatik- Ensename feat. Liquid Bloom & Natalia Clavier (Mose Remix)” by Liquid Bloom 10:20

“Inside India” by DJ Drez 4:57

“Beloved” by Anoushka Shankar remixed by Thievery Corporation 4:31

“Longing for the Unknown” by Karunesh 7:22

“Union” by Desert Dwellers 8:56

Listen to these sweet beats via Spotify: