There is a shift happening all around us. We feel the season changing as our part of the earth turns closer to face the sun.  The energy of this heightened exposure to natural light is reflected in our own growing sense of potential and vitality. We might not realize it but we are constantly planting and nourishing various qualities.  Stress, impatience, habitual coping mechanisms, anger and boredom.  All of these qualities are cultivated like seeds in the same garden that compete for our attention. Now is the perfect time to focus on cultivating qualities within ourselves that can manifest to better support us on our path.  By planting seeds with care and loving kindness we become part of the process of life unfolding in a more conscious way.

A guided meditation for setting intentions

Begin by coming to a comfortable seat in a chair or on a cushion that offers you good support, or by lying down with your knees propped up and your spine comfortably elongated.  Soften the eyes closed and feel the body begin to settle into the support of the ground beneath you. Bring the hands to the abdomen and guide the breath into the mid-body.  Feeling the belly expand and contract receiving the fullness of the inhalation and lightly engaging to release the breath from the body.  Continue to breathe this way for 8 to 10 more cycles of breath.  This solar plexus, manipura chakra, is the shining gem that stirs and emanates from within us, it our own source of heat, the element of transformation, that is also associated with our personal power and self confidence.  Feel the warmth of this region begin to shine and light the way of the path to the heart.  Keeping one hand here at the solar plexus move the other hand to your heart center. Notice how the heart feels: light or heavy, strained or relaxed.  From this heart space begin to focus on a quality or virtue that you wish to cultivate.  A word or phrase that you wish to be at the root of your actions such as patience, grace, awareness of breath, gratitude or letting go.  Visualize this intention like a seed you plant within the heart space, supported by the energy and light that radiates from the solar plexus. Trust that the more you focus on this quality the more it will manifest in your life to support your path.


Hand photo by Lumina Kemp

Meditation photo by Amydemiphotography